not without mustard


Hee is never sober, but when hee is either sleeping, or piping: for his repast partakes too much of the pot, to keep him sober in his feeding. He is generally more carefull how to get a coate for his Pipe than his child.
“A Piper,” in Richard Brathwaite, Whimzies (London, 1631).

It is customary to end a play (or website, in this case) with a jig. Academic pursuits aside, one of my passions is for music, particularly Irish traditional folk music. I play piano, guitar, tenor banjo, whistles, uilleann pipes (the traditional bellows-blown Irish bagpipe) and Scottish smallpipes, but will happily pick up anything within reach if left to my own devices…

I currently play with David Hyams and the Miles to Go Band (2008–; pipes, sax), and put on occasional concerts with other local Irish musicians. I've performed with Daniel Lapp (2009; pipes, guitar) and Pathaway (2008; keys, vocals), and have collaborated with a local DJ for a live electronic jazz event (2004; sax). I've otherwise worked as a session musician for albums by Saul Good (2007; sax, piano, mandolin) and Scott Anderson (2011; pipes). I have also composed a traditional-style waltz and a jig.

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