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Previous Courses

HUMA 150

HUMA 150This first-year undergraduate course on the Tools, Techniques, and Culture of the Digital Humanities offers an introduction to the concepts, tools, and techniques of digital humanities, as well as a broad engagement with the impact of computing and technology on society.

Topics include: the social and cultural implications of computing; thinking with/about computers; strategies for online research; building websites and evaluating electronic resources; basic textual encoding; and, the tools for and techniques of digitizing and manipulating materials (text, image, audio).

HUMA 250

HUMA 250This second-year undergraduate course on Digital Representation and Creation in a Humanities Context offers students a more focused introduction to the digital creation, modeling, and representation of materials pertinent to humanities research.

Topics include: modeling and knowledge representation; markup and text encoding; metadata; electronic publishing; relational databases and content management; editing and the electronic scholarly edition; hypertext; and, serious games. Students will also examine the impact of computing on scholarly communication and pedagogy.

ENGL 218

ENGL 218Shakespeare: Page, Stage, and Screen is a second-year undergraduate course that offers a broad overview of Shakespeare's drama: from Shakespeare's life and times and the world in which his plays were produced and consumed, through a range of critical methods and theoretical approaches and their application to Shakespeare's plays.

The course focuses on the different ways in which Shakespeare's plays have been interpreted and reinterpreted on the page, stage, and screen, interrogating issues of adaptation and appropriation in and between these various media.

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